V&A Fit For Purpose Exhibition

Olympic Fruit Bowl

Fit For Purpose Exhibition Purpose: To Hold A Sprinters Fuel… For Every Nation A Jewel… My Piece was inspired by the exhibition title fit for purpose, with an Olympic theme in mind to celebrate the London 2012 games. The design plays with the meaning of the brief and the connotations of fitness associated with the Olympics. The purpose of the piece is to hold fruit. The steel running spikes provide protection for the more delicate gem stones found inside… and the bowl echo’s similarities with the natural world by protecting its precious contents like many fruits such as a lychee or pineapple. There are 205 spikes and stones: the exact number of nations taking part in London 2012. The citrine, white topaz and smokey quartz are selected to represent the gold, silver and bronze of the games. The piece will be on show from the 28/03/2012 till 28/09/2012… So if you’re in or around London do try and pop in and see it. There are obviously lots of other wonderful things to see because it’s the V&A!!! But to find my piece head for the Silver Gallery up on the 3rd floor, directly above the restaurant… Please let me know what you think!
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Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards

I would just like to say a big thank you to the Goldsmiths’
Company, the Goldsmiths’ Institute and the Packard family for my most recent
success at the Craftsmanship & Design Awards ceremony held on the 06/03/2012 at the Goldsmiths’ Hall (St. Pauls).

I was very fortunate to receive two Commendations this year:

1. For design
Innovation and Technology

2. For Silversmithing

On top of this I found myself winning the Gil Packard Prize ! A bursary given to a
student currently on or due to attend a postgraduate course/qualification, who
is showing exceptional promise in their chosen field.

I am obviously really happy with my achievements this year and
it is a real honour to be listed alongside so many other brilliant designers
and highly skilled makers!

Please See Link Of Award Winners:


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